Customer Q & A: Where Do I Put My Towel?

I have a small bathroom with no wall space. Is there a way to hang my towel on the glass door?
— Customer Question

When it comes to maximizing storage in small spaces, we've got you covered. Even in bathrooms with square footage to spare, the convenience of having a towel within reach is a luxury you'll appreciate every morning. We have several options available to choose from.

Towel Bar / Handle Combination

Combining the best of both worlds, this design features a traditional vertical handle on the inside, with a horizontal towel bar on the outside of the enclosure.

Back-to-Back Towel Bar Handle

A horizontal towel bar on both sides of the door doubles storage space for those who want the ability to hang items both outside and inside the shower.

Traditional Towel Bar

Multiple panel enclosures provide even more opportunities for additional storage space. There are many lengths available to perfectly fit within the width of side or return panels.

Towel / Robe Hooks

For those who love functional storage without a big visual "footprint" when not in use, hooks are a great choice! They can be installed through the glass (small holes are cut before the glass is tempered) OR as a "sleeve-over" (clamped to the top of glass panels - no holes required). Either way, they're a great casual alternative to towel bars.

Whatever your space and storage needs, we've got a solution that fits. Happy Hanging!