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Home Articles A Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do If Your Shower Door Breaks

A Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do If Your Shower Door Breaks

what happens if your shower door breaks

Most shower doors are made of high-quality material, keeping them stable and durable for a long time. But the damage is inevitable, and even the best shower doors can get cracked, chipped, or broken completely.

This can be dangerous because broken glass can cause serious injuries if you’re not careful.

Here’s what to do if you come across any unexpected shower door problems.

Safety First!

Before anything else, ensure you and the people around you are safe. If your shower door is made of glass, it can cause quite a mess, and glass shards tend to go flying at long distances - especially if they’re small. You also can’t always be sure you got every piece of broken glass, either!

Keep kids and pets away from the area, and ensure you wear closed-toe shoes when you enter the area. Pick up larger shards and wrap them in paper before putting them in garbage bags.

You can clean up the smaller pieces using a broom, but be very careful to get all of them! Tiny shards of glass can get left behind and cause problems later. These are also much harder and more painful to get out because they are so small.

ake sure to clean inside and outside the area! You don’t want to deal with glass cuts while you’re in the shower later!

what to do if shower door breaks

Let Everyone Know

Even after cleaning up the area, you need to be careful. Let everyone know that the door has broken and they must be careful when in the area.


Once you’ve finished cleaning up the accident zone, inform everyone about the problem. Call for help. You can call a contractor who can come in and see what kind of glass needs to be fit into your bathroom, inspect the area for any problems with a fitting that could have caused the breakage, and fit a new door into its place.

Finding the right contractor depends on a few things: the response time, the price quote, the certifications (if any), and their experience.

It may be tempting to go for the first contractor you can find, but it’s best to wait and hire someone who is the best at what they do.

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