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Modernize Your Dallas Staircases With Stair Rail Glass

Stair rail glass

For many new homes and commercial buildings constructed in Dallas, custom stair rail glass is a growing trend that offers a polished, contemporary elegance. Many of these homes have been designed with frame and frameless stair rail glass, which is crafted by artisans such as ourselves.

As a leader in the fabrication and installation of shower glass in Dallas, we are highly skilled in a variety of specialty applications such as stair rail glass, shower doors, and custom etched glass.

If you're building a new home, remodeling, or renovating, contact Shower Doors of Dallas to inquire about our stair rail glass solutions today. We would be happy to answer your questions or meet with you for an on-site consultation and estimate.

Frameless Stair Rail Glass

Frameless stair railing glass will complement the architecture of your home while providing a clean, contemporary look. Instead of being surrounded on all four sides by a metal or wooden frame, you'll only be able to see a few support brackets.

The commercial-grade tempered glass we offer in the frameless style is very thick, offering the most in structural strength and integrity, as well as safety for the homeowner.

Framed Stair Rail Glass

Many people prefer the framed-glass style for their stair railings, deck railings, and swimming pool splash guards. The railing which surrounds the glass adds a solid sense of safety and protection for these areas of a home or commercial building.

Ask us about our wide variety of hardware finishes for your glass stair railing project. We offer a range of finish patterns and styles which would be perfect for the stonework, tile, and architectural woodwork of the home.

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If you are looking for stair rail glass in Dallas, call us today at 214-530-5483, or contact us online to schedule your free estimate