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Redesign Your Dallas Shower With Custom Shower Glass

When nothing but the best will do for your new or remodeled bathroom in Dallas, custom shower glass is the best solution. Working with Shower Doors of Dallas, your local expert fabrication and installation specialist, will ensure you get the custom look you want.

What sets our custom shower glass apart from others is the high-quality products and fabrication techniques we use. For instance, we can install ultra-clear frameless shower doors and enclosures that allow for maximum see-through visibility.

Custom Shower Glass: Low-Iron Glass vs. Regular Glass vs. Satin Glass

Our professionals offer you a number of different custom options when you're looking for shower doors with custom shower glass in Dallas. Other specialty and patterned custom shower glass options may be available depending on the project you have in mind. Just ask!

Regular clear glass - If you've ever noticed a slightly green tint, it's because the glass is thicker. Varying amounts of iron content will give it that slight green tint, which becomes more apparent as the glass gets thicker.

Our satin etch and SatinDeco glass - The surface has been acid-treated so that you have a more private, frosted look for your shower doors and enclosures. The satin style will softly transmit the light while ensuring the privacy you want.

Our clearest option - For the ultra-clear view you want, ask about our Low-iron glass. It's been specially formulated to produce the clearest see-through look.

Thick or Thin Glass Options

Custom glass thickness depends on the type of enclosure you choose. Frameless styles will be able to support the thickest option.

Glass thickness for shower doors
Frameless: 1/2" 3/8"
Semi-Frameless: 1/4"
Full-Framed: 3/16"

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If you are looking for custom shower glass in Dallas, call us today at 214-530-5483, or contact us online to schedule your free estimate