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Buyer's Guide To Types of Tabletops

Wood tabletops with decoration

Choosing the best tabletops for your tables is quite difficult due to their availability in different materials, sizes, and shapes. It can become a little more difficult for you if you're too picky. However, it all can turn into a piece of cake for you if you're aware of their types. If you were searching right about that, you're in the right place.

To make it simple for you, here's a buying guide to different types of tabletops that you can choose from.

1. Ash Tabletop

Ash tabletops are pretty attractive and uniform, thanks to the light brown wood and straight grain in them. You might find a few holes on top of the wood due to its original texture. If you choose this tabletop material, you have to get these holes filled; otherwise, there will always be a chance of moisture and bending.

2. Teak Tabletop

Teak is another option on the list with very high oil content and is weather-resistant. If you're looking for a tabletop for your garden area, this might be the right option. The wood's natural properties make it heat and light-resistant. It comes in a golden color with golden and brown streaks on it that makes it look like a unique aged tabletop.

Wooden tabletops with laptop

3. Walnut Tabletop

Walnut is pretty dark and bold in color, making it an amazing option. Walnut is a bit expensive, but it's worth every single penny. If you're on a budget, you can look for other options. Consider walnut tabletops as a lifetime investment to save yourself from regular maintenance and replacement cost.

4. Glass Tabletop

Glass tabletops are timeless additions to your dining tables. Since the glass is reflective, you get the illusion of a bigger space with it. Although glass can break pretty easily, the glass on tabletops is much more reliable than other options. Remember that glass tabletops require more cleaning as they can easily get noticeable fingerprints.

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