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Glass Door Installation Tips in 2023

tips to follow when installing a glass door

Many opt for their glass door installation to be done by a professional, which is highly recommended. Although you won’t be doing the actual work, look out for some things while monitoring the installation.

Here are some glass door installation tips to follow.

Pick the Right Glass Door

Glass doors aren’t just about the aesthetic. You must remember where the door is located, how often it’s used, and who will use it when making your decision.

Tempered glass is often best for doors from a safety perspective since it’s less likely to break and doesn’t result in sharp edges even when it does. Other types of glass may work if the door is smaller, less heavy, and not likely to be opened much, but it’s always best to go for tempered glass.

You also want to consider where the door is placed and pick a glass type that lets heat pass through properly. Insulated glass units may work for some doors while others may not.

Safety Precautions

Whenever you deal with a material like glass, there is always the risk of breakage and damage. So, make sure you take all the safety precautions. Everyone in the work area should wear closed shoes and have something to protect their eyes. These precautions ensure protection if the glass falls and shatters, causing small bits to spread easily.

It’s also better to keep gloves on hand so that if the glass breaks, you wouldn’t hurt your hands while picking it up. However, don’t handle the intact glass with gloves since they can result in slipping and cause breakage.

Glass can fall and shatter

Look at the Cost

Glass door installation isn’t necessarily expensive, but you should consider the cost of the door itself - depending on the type of glass, it could cost you a bit - and other factors like the frame, the hinges, etc. You want to pick out the best equipment for all aspects of the installation, so don’t try to cut costs! Higher quality options will last you a lot longer.

For DIY projects, the risk of breakage is higher if you’ve never installed a door before. Attempting a DIY job, in this case, could cost you more, so hiring a professional is better.

How to Install

There are several ways to install a glass door. These methods include retainer clips, the easiest option, glazing points, and silicone caulking. Retainer clips can be easy to do but can cause rattling if done incorrectly.

The other two are a bit more complex and probably not great options for a beginner at glass DIY. So, if this is your choice, it’s better to opt for a professional.

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