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4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Custom Shower Glass

Custom shower glass considerations

When you're designing your dream bath, the shower will be one of the major features to update. The custom shower glass you choose will be an essential element to the overall bathroom design as well as how the space functions.

Replacing the old, outdated shower doors and enclosure with custom shower glass is going to make a major difference in how you feel about the bathroom. It will ensure the space turns out exactly how you want. After all, this space should be beautiful and luxurious since you use it to reset and rewind before and after every busy day.

The Custom Shower Glass Framing

  • Frameless shower doors and enclosures - We install a lot of frameless shower doors in Dallas because people want open spaces that are airy and bright. Frameless styles are in trend because they keep the area open and don't block the view with hardware.
  • Framed shower doors and panels - For a more grounded look, you can choose from a wide selection of frame styles for your shower.
  • Semi-Framed - Semi-framed glass is a great way to create or highlight the architectural design of the bathroom.

The Glass Thickness

Keep in mind the thicker glass for frameless, framed doesn't need as much support. The thickness of the glass shower doors and panels will depend on what type of framing you choose. Because the frameless custom shower glass has the least support, it should be the thickest, while the framed style is the thinnest.

The Tint or Color of the Shower Glass

Have you noticed that some custom shower glass has a greenish tint to it? This is due to a higher iron content in the glass. An option such as our low-iron, Starfire® glass contains 1/10th of the iron in standard glass, giving it an ultra-clear look without the greenish tinge.

The Texture and Opaqueness of the Glass

  • Amount of privacy you want in the shower - Textured and patterned glass styles will give you more privacy inside the shower area, while clear glass gives you the least. Custom glass etching can be done to create frosted or etched patterns.
  • Amount of natural light reflection you want to create - Satin etched glass and frosted glass doesn't reflect as much natural light. Textured glass comes in many different textures that can be highly reflective. Clear custom shower glass will let the most amount of natural light through, but it won't reflect as much.

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