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Enhance Your Dining Experience with Custom Glass Table Tops

custom glass table

Whether you want to spruce up the look of your existing dinner table or purchase a new, budget-friendly one for the kitchen or living room, custom glass table tops are the ideal solution. Aesthetically pleasing and elegant, glass is one of the most functional materials in a modern living space. No matter what your house's theme or style requirements are, the versatility of a custom glass table top can blend with it all. Continue reading to learn the six advantages of custom glass table tops.

Protects Your Furniture

Sun can cause significant damage to furniture even indoors, tinted glass table tops Texas protects hardwood d├ęcor from harmful ultraviolet rays. It can also increase the dining table's life by protecting it from drink spills, rings, and scratches. With a custom glass table top, you will no longer need to worry about the guests using a coaster to place their drinks or kids spilling food while eating.

Creates Illusion of Space

Custom glass table tops are every interior designer's top pick because they can lighten up any living space. Glass's transparent nature allows light to flow, creating an illusion that opens up the space and makes the room look bigger and brighter.


Easy maintenance is one of the most notable advantages of custom glass table tops. In a world where stone, wood, PVC, cork, and metal-based tables will stain and attract dust, custom glass table tops are resistant to almost everything. Depending on the spill, all you need is a dry or wet cloth to clean itup.


The best thing about custom glass table tops is that you can make them according to your requirements. With so many options on the market, you can easily get a glass table top that fits your house's theme or ask the professionals at Shower Doors of Dallas to cut and shape the glass per your needs, giving your table a sophisticated and elegant vibe.

custom glass table

Doesn't Hide Other Furniture

Every piece of furniture in your house is worth a lot. The last thing that a homeowner wants is a cover to hide the wood finish and design of the dining table. Working as a shield, a glass table top will highlight the unique features of the table while enhancing the dining room's curb appeal.


Unlike wood or metal, glass can last thousands of years if well-maintained. If you ever get a chance to walk through a museum displaying ancient Roman glass artifacts, you will be marveled at their remarkably preserved state despite being over a millennium old. Everything from the glass perfume bottles, vases, plates, and drinking cups is perfectly intact even today.

By opting for custom glass table tops for your home, you can make an heirloom-quality piece that future generations can cherish.

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