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Why Do We Recommend Sliding Shower Doors?

Sliding shower door in a small bathroom

When you shop for a shower door, you realize there are overwhelmingly many options to choose from. It isn’t as straightforward as it may appear. You have to consider your bathroom’s design, functionality, safety, and size.

At Shower Doors of Dallas, we recommend homeowners, remodelers, builders, designers, and architects incorporate sliding shower doors. A sliding shower door is the ultimate solution to your design, aesthetics, and functionality needs.

These multi-purpose and popular doors are our favorite and here’s why:


Sliding shower doors are space-efficient, unlike swinging doors. They save floor space and don’t make your bathroom look crowded. These doors are perfect for small bathrooms, but even larger bathrooms can add double sliding doors. Sliding doors also prevent your door from bumping into the sink and cabinets. You can create an illusion of a larger space with sliding shower doors.

No Need for Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can be a nice design feature in the bathroom, but they cause more trouble than good. They can be a safety hazard if you have children or pets. Shower curtains also grow mildew and mold, which is another health hazard. Eventually, you spend more on replacing shower curtains which is an expense. With sliding shower doors, you can say goodbye to shower curtains and the hazards accompanying them.

Easy to Clean

Sliding doors are easy to clean as compared to shower curtains. Hinged doors also require more upkeep because you have to step in and out of the tub or shower to clean the doors. Sliding shower doors eliminate these problems and cut down on maintenance time.

Prevent Spilling

Shower curtains can cause water to spill everywhere on the floor. If you’re tired of mopping your bathroom floor or worry you might injure yourself, go for sliding shower doors. Similarly, hinged doors cannot always keep the water from leaking out, even when you close them. A sliding shower door is an efficient solution to keep the water inside your shower.

Pro Tip: if you’re concerned about safety, a folding shower seat can be a perfect solution.

Chic and Spacious

Sliding shower doors can add some definition to your bathroom. If you’re tired of looking at your old bathroom, install a sliding shower door for a chic look. They can add a luxurious spa-like vibe to your bathroom.

Customization Option

If you’ve found it hard to find a perfect shower door in the past, get a custom sliding shower door instead. Why settle for “close enough” when you can get a personalized sliding door that fits perfectly in your bathroom? It’s a one-time investment and pays off for itself.

Phantom sliding shower door

Are you ready to invest in a custom sliding shower door in Dallas? Check out our phantom sliding shower door. Made from low iron laminated glass, our phantom sliding door has everything you’ve been looking for. Can’t stand footer track and metal header? Say no more! Install this gorgeous phantom sliding door for an unobstructed view. Call us for a free estimate.

If you are looking for custom shower glass or shower doors in Dallas, call us today at 214-530-5483, or contact us online to schedule your free estimate