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5 Tips to Keep Your Glass Interior Sparkling Clean

a person using a glove to clean glass doors in a bathroom

Cleaning any glass surface is an arduous task, whether it’s glass mirrors, glass shower doors, or glass table tops. You’re going to need the right equipment and methods for spotless windows, mirrors, and any interior glass items.

Cleaning glass takes patience and a bit of science. Learn the tips and tricks for keeping your home's interior glass clean and gleaming.

Top To Bottom Is The Way To Go!

If you want your framed glass mirror and glass shower doors to be spick and span, clean them from top to bottom. Since the cleaner has the potential to drip, use gravity in your favor and allow the solution to drip into sections you haven't yet cleaned. Start at the top and clean until you reach the glass surface's bottom. To ensure that no drips occur, clean it in one quick motion.

Clean Your Glass Windows On A Cloudy Day

You might be thinking, “Are you joking? We should be doing the opposite because the sunlight makes the dirt on the glass more visible.” Au contraire, the sun can cause the window cleaning fluid to dry too quickly, producing streaks and blotches.

On cloudy days, the solvent will stay until you wipe it away, leaving you with a bright streak-free finish. Trust our glass professionals on this one.

Cleaning a mirror with a squeegee

Get A Squeegee

It's incredible how much of a difference just one basic tool makes on glass interiors. The first swipe of the cloth may not clear all of the cleaning fluid, and re-wiping parts of glass guarantees stains.

That’s why our glass specialists recommend you use a squeegee. It makes washing each portion of glass a breeze. A long-handled squeegee is essential for washing high windows, and it can also be used to wipe bathroom shower doors and walls.

Cotton Swabs Are Your Lifesavers

Regardless of how hard you try, the dust appears to accumulate in the corners of the glass, and getting to that gunk might be tough unless you have the correct instrument. Cotton swabs do the trick! Cotton swabs are perfect for reaching those hard-to-clean regions of your house's windows. It's just the right size and does the job!

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