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3 Signs You Need a New Shower Glass Door

frameless glass shower doors, Dallas

A relaxing shower is a perfect way to freshen up after a tiring day at work. But how relaxing your bath time is depends on your bathroom's look, luxury, and functionality. Over the years, bathroom styles have changed dramatically. Today, you have the flexibility and freedom to remodel your bathroom into a luxurious and functional retreat exactly how you want.

From frameless glass shower doors in Dallas to framed shower enclosures and semi-frameless, practically everything is available. So, if you want to give your shower a new look but are unsure if you need a new shower glass door, read this post. Below are the top signs indicative of a new shower glass door installment.

Shower Doors Replacement, Dallas

3 Top Signs of Shower Doors Replacement in Dallas

Water Leaks

Whether framed or frameless glass shower doors in Dallas, they primarily aim to keep the water in the shower and off the bathroom floor. However, if you can see water puddles outside the shower, it's a sign of a shower glass door replacement.

A glass shower door should be aesthetically appealing and functional simultaneously. However, over time glass doors become subtly damaged, loosened, or warped. Sometimes you can also see small chips and cracks. Though a technician can fill the cracks, it is advisable to get them replaced to avoid the risk of injury or further damage.

Discolored Glass

The assistance of shower glass professionals in Dallas may be needed if your old glass is discolored. This sign is easy to spot if your old shower glass doesn't sparkle in the light or look clear as it did the first time it was installed.

Shower glass doors often lose their luster and shine because of too much moisture in the bathroom. Furthermore, moisture provides the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew throughout the shower. When mold spores combine with soap scum and other mineral deposits, they lead to glass discoloration. Similarly, film buildup and stains of hard water can also lower the visual appeal of your shower glass door. Hence, it's time for a new shower glass door installment.

Outdated Style

Another sign indicative of a new installation is outdated style. If you like keeping your space up-to-date and trendy, consider upgrading your old framed shower door with a custom-designed or frameless one.

Outdated bathroom styles can make your space look and feel boring, small, less relaxing, and cramped. However, a simple, cost-efficient shower glass door replacement can instantly upgrade and revitalize your bathroom. A modern shower enclosure can instantly transform your bathroom's vibe and visual appeal. For example, frameless glass shower doors in Dallas can make your space look bigger and more inviting. Moreover, a new glass door for your shower is an investment as it can instantly increase your home's resale value.

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