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How To Pick The Right Bathroom Mirror In 2023

Picking the right mirror in 2023

Stylish, clean, and well-designed bathrooms are all the hype these days. Gone are the days when people neglected their bathrooms while renovating the entire house. Today, every little detail of your bathroom is important to ensure it looks attractive.

A bathroom mirror is one of the most significant components of the space; it plays a vital role in changing the entire look of your bathroom. Your bathroom can go from lousy to stylish and from cramped up to looking spacious with just the right choice of the bathroom mirror.

But unfortunately, it is often overlooked, which is one reason why despite the remodeling and renovation, some bathrooms just do not look as stylish as they have the potential.

Therefore, we decided to share these three tips to help you pick a bathroom mirror and stay up to date with trends of the upcoming year. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom in 2023, make sure to keep reading:

Picking the Bathroom Mirror in 2022

Decide on the Number of Mirrors

Yes, you read that right - no rule says that you need only one bathroom mirror. In fact, more than one mirrors are extremely trendy and help make a symmetrical divide in a large bathroom. Having two mirrors right above the sink works best in large washrooms where you have a bigger counter and can place two sinks (each with its own mirror).

Other than that, if you have a big space and multiple walls, you can use a big mirror over the sink but a full or a small decorative mirror on one of the other walls, which will make your bathroom look well decorated.

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size for a bathroom mirror is super important. Bathrooms earlier had a standard size, small mirror, but in 2023, you will have to ditch a standard mirror and pick the size that fits your room only.

Always remember, a large bathroom doesn't mean you have to get a giant mirror over the whole wall. Get a moderate-size mirror - neither too big nor too small. Unless you obviously have a space issue - however, a small bathroom with a tiny mirror will look cramped. So consider the size, and don't forget you can consider a full-length mirror, too.

Find a Unique Shape and Frame

Okay, it's 2023; why would you still add a basic square mirror to your bathroom? This is the time to experiment with unique and different shapes for your bathroom mirror so that your bathroom can look stylish.

Moreover, choose the frame very carefully. Thick mirror frames are not preferred anymore; it's best to go with thin and intricately designed frames. Frameless, round mirrors have become the top choice for bathroom mirrors in the upcoming year, but you can also go with an oblong, full-length mirror with tiny mirrors surrounding it to decorate an entire wall and add a luxury touch to your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirrors for 2023

Bathroom rooms are often neglected, but they are, undoubtedly, important to your bathroom. Your bathroom decorations are incomplete without a good mirror, and you cannot expect your bathroom to look aesthetic with a basic, standard mirror above the sink. We hope we were able to help you in picking the bathroom mirror, if you need further assistance you can contact here!

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