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Budget-Friendly Small Bathroom Makeover Guide

A small yet stylish bathroom with a glass door

Not all bathrooms are as huge as we see in magazines or on TV— most bathrooms are small, offering just enough room for a shower, vanity, and toilet. However, with some planning and clever remodeling strategies, you can make it look as good as any big bathroom.

From custom countertops to single-panel shower doors, here are budget-friendly designer tips to ensure your small bathroom is airy and spacious.

Add a Sliding Glass Door

Most people settle for a shower curtain instead of a stylish door due to less space. However, you can still get a modern, minimalist glass door in a small bathroom. Sliding doors don’t need any floor space to swing open; the panels slide over a fixed railing and can fit into compact spaces. You can also use a single glass panel if you feel that the sliding door won’t work.

At Shower Doors Of Dallas, we create customized glass doors to fit your shower space.

Floating Vanity

When you mount a vanity above the floor, it automatically makes the room look bigger while freeing up some space. You can insert a shelf underneath the vanity to use this extra space for storing things like towels and toiletries. Use rattan baskets to place and organize items for a much sleeker look.

Create the Illusion of Height|

If your bathroom has a large crown molding, replace it with a narrower one to raise the bathroom ceiling. You can also replace ceiling light fixtures for recessed lighting to create an illusion of a bigger space. In addition, wall sconces make a room look bigger by directing light upward, making it seem like the ceiling has receded.

Make the Most of Reflection

The more light reflects in your bathroom, the larger it will look. Adding a large mirror on the wall will give the illusion that the space is bigger than its actual size. Even if you have a tight space over your vanity, expanding the mirror across the wall—beyond the vanity— will add more depth and light to the room.

Similarly, using a glass interior will increase the reflectivity in the room, making it look airy and spacious.

A bathroom with a neutral-colored interior

Whether you need custom mirrors, floating glass shelves, or any kind of glass shower door, you can count on us. We’ve been offering custom glass interior solutions for over 20 years and would love to help you with your bathroom transformation.Contact us for details.

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