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How To Mount a Frameless Glass Mirror

Oval-shaped frameless mirror

Mirrors are one of the simplest ways to elevate your home décor. You can install a mirror in any living space and see how it brightens up the whole area. Frameless mirrors are mostly installed in bathrooms but you can also hang them in any other part of your home.

However, you cannot use the same technique to hang a frameless mirror that you use to hang its framed counterparts. We have compiled this guide to help you mount a frameless glass mirror.

Step #1: Mark TheSpot

You’ll already have an area in mind where you want to hang the mirror. The first thing you have to do is identify the specific spot, hold your mirror up against that exact position, and then mark it. Also, mark the top and bottom corners of the frameless mirror.

Step #2: Straighten The Mirror

You must hold the mirror straight when marking the spot. It’ll help you get accurate measurements. You can use a spirit level and hold it against the marks on the bottom and top corners.

Step #3: Make Sure the Wall Doesn't Have Any Bumps

You cannot hang a frameless mirror on an irregular wall. Make sure the wall you want to adorn with the mirror is flat. If it’s not, you’ll likely damage the wall, leading to cracks.

But what if your wall is flat and there’s a random bumpy spot on it? Use a straight-edge board that’s longer than your frameless mirror. Use a yardstick or one-inch straight lumber, slide either of them over the wall and see if the tool spots the bump. There you’ll have your answer.

Mark the bump with a pencil. You can sand down the bumpy spot or hang the frameless mirror on another area. If you decide to sand the bump down, use the power sanding method. It’s the quickest way to get rid of bumpy spots.

Step #4: Mark Studs

Every interior wall has studs behind it. Workers place these wooden beams to support the walls. You can spot the stud simply by using a stud finder. Mark the edges of the wooden studs in the outer area.

But what if you don’t have a stud finder? There’s a time-consuming but effective method. Tap the wall on the area you want to mount the mirror. If the sound is solid, it means there’s no stud there. If the tapping sounds hollow, it means the stud is located there.

Step #5: Drill Holes

You need a drilling machine to drill pilot holes. Better if you have a power drill. Drill the marked spots and use a screwdriver to screw clips. Bottom clips are U-shaped whereas top clips are L-shaped.

Step #6: Mount The Mirror

Once you get the measurements right, it’s time to hang the mirror. Hang the mirror against the wall and screw all the clips firmly to hold the mirror in its place and you’re done!

Frameless mirror in a bathroom

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