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Are Built-In Shower Seats the Next Big Thing?

a modern bathroom with a tub, vanity, and custom shower enclosure

Modern homes feature stylish bathrooms that are more aesthetic than the traditional tub/shower combination could ever be. Most showers are now custom-made with specialized shower doors and a whole array of aesthetic and functional features out of which built-in seats are currently trending.

So, if you’re wondering whether to install one in your shower as well, keep reading:

They Provide Safety

Shower enclosures need to be slip-free and safe. That’s why built-in shower benches are a feature you need to consider. With wet surfaces and slippery floors, it’s easier to lose balance, especially for older adults.

studies show that more than a third of bathroom injuries happen while bathing or showering. A shower seat, in this scenario, provides a space to sit and enjoy the shower without worrying about an injury.

A Spa-Like Environment

Other than safety, shower seats also create a spa-like atmosphere that promotes relaxation. There’s nothing like sitting back and unwinding under a stream of hot water after a long stressful day.

a sleek marble countertop and a glass shower door

Showering Convenience

And there’s convenience. Shower seats provide a place to sit, rest your feet, and perform bathing tasks like quickly shaving, drying, applying soap, and more. If you’re bathing your child, it’ll also provide them with a place to sit on safely.

Additional Storage

Modern bathrooms need to be organized and decluttered. Rather than overstuffing shelves with your shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, body wash, and other essentials, you can place some of them on your shower seating. This provides easy access and a clean floor you won’t accidentally trip on.


These non-movable seats are made of concrete, brick, or wood and covered with stones or tiles. This makes them very sturdy, safe, and durable shower seats that are ideal for all bathrooms.

Added Aesthetic

Built-in shower seats clearly are very functional, but you don’t ignore how visually appealing they look. They can be custom-designed in a way that they complement your shower enclosure and the overall look of your modern bathroom.

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