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Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen upgrade with custom cabinet glass Dallas

Updating your kitchen cabinets is always a good idea because there are many ways to stay within your budget and get a new look for your kitchen. If you have outdated cabinets that function well but take the attention of your guests away from brand-new countertops, your kitchen cabinets require a makeover.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with decorative pieces, cabinet hardware, and custom cabinet glass Dallas, here are some simple ways to get you a newer-looking kitchen in no time!

Paint the Cabinets

It might be obvious, but people often assume that it won’t help. Guess what? It does help and makes your cabinets look far better than before. You can DIY it or hire a professional to apply a fresh coat of paint to the wooden cabinetry.

Replace with Glass Cabinets

Everyone wants to replace one wooden cabinet hardware design with another, but only a few know how stylish the kitchen looks with personalized glass cabinets. You can have custom cabinet glass Dallas for your kitchen. At Shower Doors Of Dallas, we offer antique, frosted, color-tinted, custom etched glass Dallas, and more. Get in touch with us to upgrade your kitchen cabinets.

Invest in a Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf

If you want to beautify your kitchen cabinets, don’t stop installing glass ones. Installing a pull-out cabinet shelf makes it easier for you to access your kitchen. It will help you make the most of the available space and make items in the back of the cabinets accessible too.

custom cabinet glass Dallas installation

Add Undercabinet Light Fixtures

Imagine having sleek and stylish custom etched glass Dallas or clear custom cabinet glass Dallas for your kitchen cabinets and lighting under the cabinets to illuminate the counters. This will give your kitchen a warm and welcoming look, especially if you use accent lighting. Also, it will surely make the surfaces look expensive.

Install a Plate Rack

You might already have it, so think about replacing it. However, if you don’t have a plate rack in your kitchen, it’s time to install one. With glass cabinets, you’ll have enough things to showcase in your kitchen, so why let the plates take up space in the cabinets? Rack them up and open up cabinet space for other dishes. Whether you choose interior glass installation Dallas or custom cabinet glass Dallas for your kitchen cabinets or doors, you’ll need experts to work on the craft. Whenever you need specialists for your kitchen cabinets, contact Shower Doors Of Dallas. We have been experts in custom glass experience for over 50 years! Get a free quote here.

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