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Types of Glass You Must Know as An Interior Designer

A modern house with glass windows

If an interior designer wants to make an area look more spacious, they can simply use glass. But, this isn't the only reason glass is such a popular design element. Digital glass printing is one of the technologies that have improved the material's flexibility and versatility.

This permits architects and interior decorators to develop unique and innovative glass solutions for many activities. The several glass types available on the market meet various needs in terms of aesthetics and practical function in various projects.

With this list, you may delve into the fascinating world of glass and learn about the various forms and applications of interior glass in design projects.

Insulated Glass

This glass is excellent for spaces that demand a practical and effective solution for custom sliding doors and windows. Heat reduction can be made just by using a few sheets. It is used to defend against harsh or unpredictable weather and ensure room temperature stability. This versatile material is also referred to as double-pane glass. It may reduce noise and is ideal for use in both homes and offices.

A contemporary house with glass windows

Clear Glass

It is one of the most common types of clear glass. It lets 90% sunlight pass through and gives a great view of either side. This sort of glass can be utilized to divide areas, make tiny glass indoor atriums, and build decorative things like glass tabletops and elegant modern desktops.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glasses have a substance or coating applied to them. Its main purpose is to minimize the quantity of light and sunlight that passes through it. It comes in various colors, with neutral gray and blue-green being the most popular. Because tinted glass reduces exterior visibility, it gives visual solitude during the day.

Frosted Glass

Another way to achieve visual privacy in design while permitting sunlight to get through is to utilize frosted glass. Essentially, frosted glass is transparent glass sandblasted to become opaque. As a result, the glass can obscure visibility even when sunlight comes through it.

Shatterproof Glass

Skylights are typically made of shatterproof glass, which can be cut into several sizes and forms to complement interior architecture design. Shatterproof glass is the best choice for stunning glass stair railings because of its resilience and inability to create sharp edges when shattered. If you've ever stood on a glass floor and marveled at its ability to hold an individual's weight, you know what shatterproof glass is capable of.

Textured Glass

This sort of glass is frequently used for decorative purposes. Its surface is covered in patterns and motifs. It gives visual privacy yet allows sunlight to enter. It is commonly found at the entrances of coffee shops, commercial areas, and restaurants. It can also be used for shower enclosures and partition walls in the office.

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