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Glass Shower Doors Styles: Finding the Ideal Fit for Your Bathroom

Glass shower doors

A glass shower door can have a profound impact on your bathroom. What makes these doors so unique is their ability to provide seamless continuity. When installed by a professional, glass shower doors can offer both a practical and aesthetic element to your bathroom.

However, finding the right style for your bathroom can be a bit confusing because there are so many options to choose from. We’ve rounded up several ideas to help you choose the right glass shower door style in Dallas.

Frameless Shower Doors

frameless shower doors are made of extremely durable tempered glass and do not require metal support to function. They are known for their minimalist appearance, that many homeowners appreciate. The main advantage of frameless shower doors is that they offer endless possibilities in design. Moreover, it is relatively easy to clean these doors with a very minimal risk of mold.

Bathrooms that feature frameless shower doors feel lighter, more spacious, and brighter.

Pivoting Glass Door

A pivoting glass door, also referred to as a hinge or swinging door, opens like a regular door. Pivoting glass doors can look stunning on their own and easily elevate the look of your bathroom. These doors are also ideal for smaller bathrooms because they don't require as much width as a sliding door.

Note that installing pivoting glass doors requires a professional to properly measure your space. This is to ensure that the door doesn’t accidentally damage surrounding bath fixtures.

Partial Glass Enclosure

As the term suggests, a partial glass enclosure only utilizes a small portion of your bathroom’s wall. This provides a unique aesthetic to your bathroom by creating a modern look. Partial glass walls can also be designed to pivot or stationary.

While they look great in any bathroom, a partial glass enclosure can be difficult to clean and maintain. Not to mention the fact that installation can be rather difficult, which could increase costs. Finally, if you’re not a big fan of water splashing out of the shower enclosure, then partial glass enclosures may not be ideal for you.

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Sliding glass shower doors are a popular option that is commonly used in most bathrooms. They are simple to operate with a sliding door that opens and closes on a fixed track connected to the floor and ceiling. Sliding glass shower doors are best used in bathrooms where there is no room for hinged doors.

However, the shower will need to be wide enough for the glass door to slide completely over to the other side. Some experts argue that sliding glass shower doors are not as aesthetic as frameless shower doors; however, different people have their own tastes and perspectives.

Pro tip: The tracks can easily corrode if they aren’t properly maintained and may increase your risk of tripping.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, a quick look at popular glass shower door styles that can transform the look of your bathroom. Want to upgrade your shower enclosure? Try a frameless shower door that is easy to clean and maintain. Upgrade your shower by clicking here.

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