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Privacy Glass Solutions to Consider For A Home Office

Home office space

The remote or work-from-home trend is the new norm. More workplaces are switching to remote work arrangements. This means the trend of home offices will continue to gain traction. The home office is a necessary component in contemporary homes, and glass plays a crucial role in their construction.

At Shower Doors of Dallas, we offer fine interior glass solutions to homeowners, designers, remodelers, and builders. In this guide, we’ve curated how you can assure privacy in your home office.

Privacy and Home Office

While remote work has its perks, it doesn’t come without challenges. Sometimes, drawing a line between your work and personal life is hard. Your privacy is often compromised, which leads to poor productivity.

You need to create a purposeful and peaceful space that protects your privacy. A specialized interior glass solution can separate your home office from the rest of the home while aesthetically complementing your home’s aesthetics.

Privacy Glass

You can create a distraction-free and undisturbed work zone using privacy glass solutions. Privacy glass is a smart solution based on the PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystals) technology. The glass becomes translucent at a flick.

The Polymer crystals connect to a power outlet, and the liquid crystals line up to make the glass transparent. When you switch the power off, the crystal scatters to make the glass translucent.

Privacy Glass Solutions

Here are some privacy glass solutions for your home office:

Integrated Blinds

One of the brilliant ways to use privacy glass for your home office is using integrated blinds. The glass confines window blinds between glass panels and eliminate potential damage to the blinds due to dirt layers or dust and negligence.

It comes with a remote control feature which makes operating the blinds convenient. You can draw the blinds sitting at the desk effortlessly. You can also use this privacy glass solution to partition large spaces or apply it in cabins, study rooms, and skylights.

View Control Films

Privacy glass with View Control Films is another unique solution to home office privacy. The films can be installed to create an illusion. The glass appears to change from clear to translucent. The view control films create this illusion from different viewing angles.

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass is a marvel of technology and science. This smart glass offers the option to change light transmissibility through the glass. You can choose the level of transmissibility from opaque to transparent with a press of a button.

It can be integrated with your smartphone or the remote control to enjoy instant privacy. This switchable glass is also useful in partitions and walls.

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