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Family Bathrooms: ‘7’ Practical But Aesthetic Ideas to Suit All Ages

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Family bathrooms are commonly the largest in the house. Maintaining the aesthetic appeal and outlook of family bathrooms can be challenging but not impossible. You can experiment with the latest trends and bathroom design ideas while maintaining its functionality as the house’s main bathroom.

Like any other main room, such as the kitchen or the living room, a family bathroom needs to be well–designedideas, keeping in mind all the functional aspects. From the flooring and bathroom walls to the shower glass doors and other custom interiors, several aspects need to be considered while designing a family bathroom. Usually, you have a lot of space when remodeling family bathrooms, so it’s easier to experiment and play around with stuff, whether it’s the colors, tiles, mirrors, or components.

Moreover, a well-planned bathroom that can easily accommodate your entire family’s needs makes a positive difference in the morning and nighttime routine. A well-designed family bathroom has ample storage space (enough for all the kids), is extremely easy to clean and maintain, and is ideal for sharing.Nevertheless, designing a family bathroom comes with many challenges.

You need to consider who will be using the bathroom (kids, adults, or pets), how many people will be sharing it, and how much time you can take out in the future for cleaning and maintenance. For instance, if you are busy and don’t have time for daily cleaning, you should opt for protective glass coating, high-quality glass shower doors, custom interior glass, and premium components that will last longer and require minimum upkeep.

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Furthermore, the tough thing about designing a family bathroom is that everyone using the bathroom might have different needs. For example, bathtubs are ideal for toddlers and young kids to splash around and bathe, while teenagers might prefer something quick and convenient, like a shower that offers privacy and ease of use. Similarly, if you have seniors in the house, they might want something that’s easily accessible and safe, like walk-in tubs or tub cutouts with handlebars. Hence, a little forward and mindful planning can save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

In addition to investing significant time and resources, research is essential to designing a functional bathroom. Your bathroom design should cover all the basics of a functional yet pretty bathroom. The bathroom should be practical enough for everyday use but should also have features for a little me-time. Most importantly, the components you choose for your bathroom, like the fixtures, shower glass doors, bathroom mirrors, etc., should align with your goal of creating a functional space for your family’s daily use.

Therefore, if you work with a reliable and experienced shower door service provider like Shower Doors Of Dallas, you won’t have to worry about the quality or service life of your bathroom fixtures for a long time. To give you a better understanding of family bathrooms, this post will take you through some family bathroom ideas that are practical yet aesthetic to suit all ages. Keep reading to learn more.

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7 Practical Yet aesthetic Family Bathroom Ideas for All Age Groups

Regardless of your needs and plans, these family bathroom ideas perfectly fit the description of a practical yet appealing bathroom design.

Idea # 1: Come Up with a Crafty Bathroom Layout Design

While designing a family bathroom, every inch counts. You must utilize every inch to get the most out of your bathroom design. If the space is limited, you might face many issues when dealing with the bathroom layout. You need a smart layout that utilizes every inch of space available. However, don’t always strive to create a large bathroom. A small yet crafty bathroom layout is a thousand times better than a large, badly-designed one.

Focus on two main aspects; ergonomics and ease of movement. This will make everything look in place and well-planned, without the bathroom looking cramped or conceded. For example, frameless shower doors make the small space look more open and airy so that the bathroom won’t feel stuffy.

Moreover, just make sure every component and fixture is well-placed. Take your time to find a suitable position and place for each component, whether it’s something large like the bathroom mirrors or something small like the faucets.

A mother teaching her daughter how to brush her teeth while sitting on the sink

Idea # 2: A Functional Bath Area for the Family

Family bathrooms need a lot of thought and research, as mentioned above, especially when it comes to the bathtub or bath area. Double-ended bathtubs are one of the most popularly used in family bathrooms. It can accommodate multiple toddlers without any trouble. However, just because you are looking for a more functional bath does not mean you have to throw style out the window.

For instance, a stellar roll-top bathtub is ideal for the average family bathroom. Plus, if your bathroom is smaller than the average, try to go for an over-bath shower instead of trying to fit multiple facilities in one tiny space. This will make your bathroom look cramped and poorly designed.

The over-bath shower is a great two-in-one solution that works best for smaller bathrooms. You can bath or shower room without the room feeling stuffy, giving the impression of a more spacious room.

In addition, you can make the room look far bigger than it is by installing dazzling shower rails that will draw attention upwards, making the ceiling look higher.

Idea # 3: Go Bespoke

Another great idea for your family bathroom is to install custom-made furniture instead of free-standing pieces. Furniture that can be fitted on the walls is the best in family bathrooms as it utilizes all the extra wall space and does not look cramped. You can utilize it due to its larger storage capacity than free-standing furniture.

With custom furniture that is made according to measurement, you can mix and match inner compartments, which you can’t do when buying ready-made furniture. For instance, you can add an array of shelves and drawers while leaving some space to make a laundry compartment.

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Idea # 4: Waterproof Wallpaper for Bathroom Walls

If there is one thing that troubles homeowners when it comes to family bathrooms, it’s cleaning. When so many people use the bathroom, and that too multiple times a day, you will need to clean more than usual to maintain the space.

If you have noticed, the traditional bathroom walls are adorned with tiles, which get dirty more often. Cleaning them is also a hassle, with dirty grout lines that look unsightly. They are tricky to clean and take a lot of time and effort to maintain.

This is why many families have switched to waterproof wallpapers for their bathrooms. They are made of fiberglass and use a special transparent and waterproof primer that stops water from penetrating the surface. Therefore, such a product is ideal for a family bathroom. You won’t have to worry about kids splashing water around the room or cleaning the mess they have made.

The best part about waterproof wallpaper is that it is extremely durable, making it ideal for family use.

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Idea # 5: Make the Bathroom Accessible for All

?The thing about family bathrooms is that they should be suitable and safe for use for all family members, from the youngest to the oldest. This means you need to consider the entire family’s needs when planning the family bathroom designs.

Walk-in showers and bathtubs are great for family bathrooms as they are safe and suitable for toddlers and seniors alike. Similarly, you should opt for an adjustable shower head so that everyone can easily use it and adjust its height per their needs.

Furthermore, storage boxes and vanity units are essential to keep the space tidy. A bathroom sink that’s clattered with items can be dangerous and difficult to use. This reduces hazards for the old and young ones alike.

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Idea # 6: Use Mirrors in the Bathroom

Multiple mirrors can make the space seem larger than it is, making it easier for everyone to use the bathroom. For instance, all the kids can use separate mirrors while getting ready for school in the morning. Enjoy a design that suits your taste with custom interior glass.

Idea # 7: Keep the Bathroom Well-Lit at All Times

Lighting is a crucial aspect of creating an aesthetic yet functional bathroom. It can make or break your efforts in creating a practical yet appealing bathroom for your family. Make sure all the critical areas have ample lighting, such as the space above the sink, over the mirrors, and one big one in the center.

Try to opt for smart lights that are energy-efficient and that allow the user to set the lighting intensity. For instance, you can put it in bright mode during the morning and dim mode when you plan to take a relaxing bath. You can also opt for candles if you want to keep the space smelling great. However, ensure you keep and store them in a safe space, away from the reach of children.

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