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5 Types of Glass You Can Use at Home

custom glass for residential properties

Glass buildings add an aesthetic element to commercial properties, so why not use them to your advantage and turn your house into the best one on the street?

Glass is versatile, and you can use it for any surface in your house, including doors, windows, and cabinets. It offers an unobstructed view that can add an elegant touch to the décor of your house. Following are the top materials you can use for door glass installation Dallas.

Tinted Glass

Shower Doors Of Dallas provides tinted shower glass services Dallas. It looks like regular glass, but the added color makes it aesthetic and appealing. The tinted glass prevents harmful UV rays, but when used for shower door glass installation Dallas, it provides privacy too.

Float Glass

Float glass is manufactured with the help of molten glass to create thin glass panels. The panels are large and flat, and if broken, they shatter into large shards so they are safe for homes. Float glass is available in various sizes, colors, and opacities.

Mirrored Glass

Frames glass mirrors Dallas and frameless glass mirrors Dallas are both great ideas for home door glass installation Dallas. One side of mirrored glass is coated, and the other side has a sealant that creates a mirror effect. The mirrored glass would look perfect for your doors and walls.

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Tempered Glass

Another best material for shower doors installation Dallas is tempered glass. It is manufactured by heating the glass at over 1200 degree Celsius and cooling it quickly. Tempered glass is strong, and it’s hard to cut it, which is why the glass is cut before it’s tempered. Get in touch with Shower Doors Of Dallas to install tempered glass for your house.

Annealed Glass

When float glass panels are cooled, they create annealed glass. This procedure increases the strength of the glass and reduces the stress that forms because of rapid cooling. It’s perfect for custom cabinet glass Dallas, tabletops, and basement windows. You can get it installed for shower doors, swimming pools, balcony doors, etc.

Are you considering door glass installation Dallas for your home? These five types of glass would add a modern touch to your home and provide great remodeling ideas. Contact Shower Doors Of Dallas for custom door installation. You can ask for a free quote and learn more about different types of glass that would fit perfectly with the aesthetic look of your home.

If you are looking for custom shower glass or shower doors in Dallas, call us today at 214-530-5483, or contact us online to schedule your free estimate