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Framed vs. Frameless Shower Doors

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Adding glass shower doors can transform any ordinary bathroom into a luxurious space. With so many design options, choosing the right door for you can be difficult. Before you choose the design, you have to decide whether you need a framed shower door or a frameless one.

While both are sturdy, functional, and versatile, one may work better for you. Shower Doors of Dallas offers both framed and frameless glass doors. Here we’ll discuss the difference between them and highlight their benefits.

Framed Shower Doors

Framed glass doors are most commonly used in bathrooms due to their cost-effectiveness and functionality. They have a sturdy aluminum frame surrounding their edges and are much cleaner and more attractive-looking than typical shower curtains.


  1. Less Likely to Leak
  2. Framed shower doors consist of a track that keeps water from leaking. They have caulking and a metal frame that forms a watertight design, preventing spills or even shower spray from going outside the doors.

  3. Frame Design Variety
  4. With framed doors, you can choose from a wide range of metal frames, finishes, and colors. They come in many designs and styles to match your bathroom interior.

  5. Easy to Install
  6. Framed shower glass installation is easy. The frame just needs to be securely fixed to the wall, and they can fit over all kinds of showers.

  7. Cost-Effectiveness
  8. Framed doors use thinner glass, making them more affordable than any frameless design. Their easy installation also saves up some money.


  1. Require High Maintenance
  2. The metal frames are prone to corrosion over time due to moisture damage. Soap and water residue can also cause mildew.

  3. Outdated Design
  4. Although framed doors offer a variety of designs, they look outdated and not so attractive. The metal framing can affect the seamless aesthetics of glass doors.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are quite popular these days due to their seamless design and modern appearance. Unlike framed doors, they don’t have metal framing or support and use brackets to hold the glass. These doors use thick tempered glass to offer support and strength, eliminating the need for frames.


  1. Wide Range of Motion
  2. The metal framing limits the range of motion for shower doors. Since these doors don’t have frames, they offer a wide range of motion, swinging both inward and outward. They use hinges to pivot the shower door open and close. This feature lets you install a frameless shower door even in smaller showers with limited floor space.

  3. Easy to Maintain
  4. The lack of metal frames and components makes cleaning and maintaining these doors much easier. It sustains less moisture damage or grimy debris. You can also find their replacement parts easily from any manufacturer.

  5. Elevates the Interior
  6. Frameless design can make your bathroom look airy and spacious, elevating the overall aesthetics of the space. For example, if you have stunning marble tiles in your bathroom, these doors will enhance their look rather than hide them. Their unique and contemporary design is what makes them so popular among homeowners.


  1. Pricier
  2. These doors use thick glass, tempered with precision, to offer support and strength. That’s why they are pricier than framed glass. However, they are low maintenance, so you can save money in the long run.

  3. Require Professional Installation
  4. The installation of these doors is trickier than framed doors and requires professional help. They use specialized tools and techniques for installation to ensure their safety.

Frameless shower doors in a bathroom

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While framed doors are reliable and economical, frameless shower doors are minimal, modern, and seamless. Both offer the same function. Our framed and frameless shower doors come in many designs and styles that you can explore.

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