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Home Articles Paradise for Wine Connoisseurs: Essential Wine Room Features

Paradise for Wine Connoisseurs: Essential Wine Room Features

Wine room

When making a wine room, whether it’s a dedicated room or a closet renovation, the most important element is to create an environment where the wines are safe and isolated from the outside world.

To maintain the perfect environment for your wine, you must isolate the interior of your wine cellar from the outside. Most experts agree that the ideal parameters for a wine cellar are an ambient temperature of no more than 13 C, little to no light, a relative humidity of about 60%, and an area that is free from vibrations and odors.

Let’s take a look at the essential wine room features you need to create the ideal conditions for your collection.

Proper Insulation

It is extremely important for the walls and ceilings of the wine room to be properly insulated. This will ensure that the temperature and humidity of the wine room stay constant and don't get affected by outside elements.

Pro tip: If the floor of the wine room is made of concrete, you should apply a sealer before applying the finish to the flooring. This prevents moisture from coming out of the ground, which could lead to wood rot.

Finishing Materials for Walls and Floor

The finishing material can also make or break your wine rooms. Most homeowners cover their walls and ceilings with drywall which is then plastered with pain. Make sure that the drywall is waterproof for added protection. Wood coverings such as cedar and redwood can also be applied to the walls and ceilings. This should provide a uniform look to your wine room.

The most practical choice for flooring is to use tiles in the form of marble, stone, or composite. However, you should never use carpet because it will invite rot, mold, and mildew from the damp condition of the cellar.

The Door

The door can also influence the environment of the wine room. For best results, the door should feature full weather stripping. The wine room’s cooling unit won’t maintain optimal temperature or humidity levels without weather sealing. A good solution is to use doors with glass inserts (tempered) that can protect the wine against both temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Pro tip: Frameless glass doors are perfect for wine rooms because of their polished designs and minimalism. This lets you show off your wine collection in style.


The effect of lighting on the wine room’s environment is often underestimated. Lighting can rearrange a wine’s chemical composition and can lead to wine fault. If you don't want your wine to be ‘light-struck, you should install dimmable LED timer lights. The timer will ensure you won’t forget to leave the lights on by accident if you decide to leave the wine room.

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