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Make a Statement with Different Types of Glass Doors

Types of glass doors

The timeless appeal of glass doors transcends temporary trends that come and go. Glass doors can be incredibly versatile because they let you tinker around with the interior decor with endless experimentation.

The only challenge is finding the right type of glass door that fits in with your personal tastes and preferences. We’ve narrowed down the most prominent types of glass doors that are making rounds on social media.

Hinged Single Door

You can never go wrong with the single hinged door that you can open outwards, inwards, or both. Hinged single doors can be used in both internal and external settings. You can opt for frameless or framed hinged single doors, with each option providing a different aesthetic.

Pro tip: Never underestimate the impact of the door handle on the overall look and appeal of the door.

Hinge doors are best used in rooms with narrow openings. They are a good option in rooms that don’t have enough clearance for stacked or folding doors.

Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors , as the term suggests, can be opened and closed by sliding them along their track. These doors are mounted on the ground and ceiling for increased stability. In some cases, they may be suspended from a track above the frame.

Sliding doors are commonly used in gardens, backyards, and even bathrooms. The main advantages of sliding doors are their space-saving features along the wall. However, you will be required to keep the track relatively clean because, over time, the accumulation of dust and dirt will lead to jamming issues. Regular maintenance is crucial for glass sliding doors.

Folding Glass Door

For a bold statement piece, you might want to go with folding glass doors. Folding glass doors, also known as bifold doors, are an excellent addition to your home. These doors are usually made up of three or more panels connected with hinges to help them open and close.

From a purely design standpoint, folding glass doors are bound to transform your home's aesthetic appeal. The eye-catching designs add a modern touch to the design of your home and also offer a minimalist color palette for a contemporary aesthetic. Folding glass doors also let in more natural light and create the illusion of more space in your rooms.

Many homeowners are beginning to deploy folding glass doors to achieve luxurious designs in entertainment areas.

The best places to install folding glass doors include kitchens, walk out basements, and your patio.

Bonus Tip: Glass Railing

Although they’re not used in doors, glass railings are the go-to solution for homeowners who are going for a dramatic visual impact. These transparent railings add openness, make the space appear bigger, facilitate more natural light, and are incredibly functional.

There are a variety of glass railing systems to choose from, including stand-off, lamped, and dadoed categories.

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