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Tips and Tricks for Making Your Bathroom Look Bigger with Custom Mirrors

a bigger bathroom with frameless mirrors

Unsurprisingly, most of us wish for bigger and airy bathrooms in our houses. After all, the last thing anyone would want is to come back home to an old and dingy restroom where one feels uncomfortable. Additionally, bigger bathroom spaces are easier to move around in and feel more comfortable. This makes them the ideal place to take a long bath or a shower, and feel refreshed.

Do you wish to have a more spacious bathroom? If you’re tired of feeling cramped in your space, custom mirrors can help. In this blog, we’re discussing tips and tricks to make your bathroom look spacious with the help of custom bathroom mirrors.

Use Large Frameless Mirrors

If you want to make your bathroom space look bigger, we recommend utilizing large frameless mirrors.These are excellent options when it comes to creating the illusion of spaciousness. That’s because they give the impression of a roomier space. Additionally, these custom bathroom mirrors reflect light the most, making them an ideal match for smaller restrooms.

You can use them for vanities or consider installing a frameless mirror that spans the length of your bathroom. You can even use a mirror that covers the wall behind the vanity. Since they reflect more light than other mirrors, they also illuminate the bathroom more. As a result, they will create the illusion of spaciousness in the room.

Consider Opting for a Mirrored Wall with Frameless Mirrors

Mirrored walls with frameless mirrors can be especially beneficial in extremely narrow bathrooms. That’s because wall-to-wall mirrors create the illusion of more expansive space. This makes your bathroom look more open and feel brighter. However, that’s not all because these designs are also extremely high-end and can add a touch of elegance to your space.

Hang Floating Mirrors Strategically

If frameless mirrors aren’t your thing, you can always opt for floating mirrors instead. These custom bathroom mirrors are extremely trendy and can create a high-end look in your home. They can also give an illusion of space when they are used strategically.

Whenever you're hanging mirrors in your home, always think about their placement strategy first. For example, if you place the mirror directly opposite a window, it can reflect that light. As a result, it will use that natural light source to give the impression of spaciousness.

an airy bathroom

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