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Home Articles Framed vs Semi-Frameless vs Frameless Shower Screens

Framed vs Semi-Frameless vs Frameless Shower Screens

framed vs frameless vs semi-frameless shower screen

The type and style of the shower enclosure you choose for your bathroom can impact the bathroom’s overall aesthetic and space. Whether you choose a shower door with frames, semi-frameless, or without any frames, you should think about the practicality and maintenance of each option. It is essential to choose a material, type, and style of shower screen that would complement other elements of your bathroom’s interior design.

There are three basic types of shower enclosures you can choose from frameless, semi-frameless, and framed. You can compare the benefits and disadvantages of each type based on their unique features. These shower enclosures also differ by the types of opening and fastening mechanisms, glass, and other hardware used.

Frameless Shower Screens

frameless shower enclosures do not have a frame around the transparent or etched glass. Most high-end frameless shower doors are fastened using specific hardware components. Hardware such as clamps and hinges are used to hold the glass panel without framing the glass. These types of enclosures usually have a pivot or bypass door and are the most highly rated among homeowners.


-Sleek and modern appearance -Easier to clean


-Require professional installation services

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Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Semi-frameless shower enclosures are a hybrid type of framed enclosure with some edges of the glass panel frameless while most of it is framed. They are highly common in homes everywhere as they offer the benefits of both frameless and framed shower screens.


-Cost-effective -Long-lasting


-Additional parts for installation
which type of shower screen is best

Framed Shower Screens

framed shower enclosures are typically made of aluminum, steel, brass, chrome, or bronze frames surrounding tempered, laminated, or textured glass panels. The metal encapsulates all edges of the glass, and the moving parts are fastened with a pivot or hinges.


-Effectively keep water in the shower


-Limited design options -Requires professional installation due to heavy parts

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