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6 Clear Benefits of Glass Tabletops

A kitchen table

Are you in the middle of deciding whether or not to get a glass tabletop? Glass has unique attributes that make it an ideal décor element. Regardless of the style and design of your home décor, a glass tabletop can blend perfectly with traditional, modern, and antique architecture.

The versatility of glass tabletop is unparalleled. It can bring out the best in your interior design. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a glass tabletop for your home. Read on.

1.Enlivens the Space

Glass is a translucent element that creates a sense of added space. It invokes openness and makes a smaller space look big. For example, a metal table or wooden tabletop can obscure the view of the dining or living room. However, glass allows the light to reflect on the surface allowing for an uninterrupted view. You can create a more open-plan space with a glass tabletop.

2.Makes Furniture Visible

The transparent properties of glass make it a décor best friend. It doesn’t hide away your upholstery or other pieces of furniture. Rather, it creates a clear view for every décor item. Whether you’re looking across the room or sitting at the table, it makes every piece of furniture visible.

3.Highlights Design Features

A glass tabletop can highlight the design features of interior décor. Say, you want to upgrade to a stylish hardwood flooring, woolen rug or plush carpet. With a glass tabletop, you can accentuate these features. Even while sitting at the table, you can enjoy the overall aesthetics of new flooring, unlike a wooden tabletop that will impede the view.

4.Protects Wooden Tabletops

Do you have an antique table that has been passed down in your family from generation to generation? Do you want to protect it from damage? A customized glass tabletop over the wooden table can protect the wood. It will extend its useful life, and you can continue to use the table as a centerpiece of your kitchen, dining, or living room.

5.Allows for More Creativity

There’s no limit to the creativity in glass tabletops. You can let the creative juices flow to design your table base. Metal and standard wooden tables hide most of the base. However, with a glass tabletop, you can create a table base that reflects your style and personal taste. Create statement-making table bases, such as using stumps of an old tree and turning them into a rustic table base.

6.Cleans Easily

Glass tabletops are easy to clean. Even if you spill drink or food, they don’t stain. You can wipe down the spillages and polish the glass to retain its beauty. Glass tabletops don’t rust either, unlike metal or iron tabletops. So it’s a win-win.

A kitchen table

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