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How to Childproof Your Glass Doors

A father and child standing on opposite sides of a glass door

Accidents are the main cause of significant hospitalizations among children in the United States, with most injuries happening at home. A parent will always want to protect their children no matter how grave the danger is. That's why it's smart to childproof glass doors and windows.

While protection is a parent's priority when childproofing doors in their house, doing so can also provide additional benefits if done correctly. Keeping this in mind, there are several things to consider when attempting to make glass doors safer for children.

Remove or Repair Old Glass

No matter the interior glass element, it'll deteriorate over time. Framed glass doors and shower enclosures can become weak and fragile, while their locks can become jammed and useless. Moreover, older doors may have problems with drafts or leaks, making them less energy efficient.

Getting outdated doors repaired and replaced can be a good place to start when it comes to childproofing. Also, it enhances your home's value while keeping your children safe and sound. Custom glass feature installation makes restoration simple for older properties with old window and door designs.

Double-Pane Glass Doors

A lot of old homes have single-pane windows and doors. An effective childproofing approach is to replace them with double-pane glass. Single-pane doors are typically older and hence more prone to wear and tear or deterioration that necessitates restoration or replacement.

Double-paned glass also improves insulation. Along with keeping your children safe, making this upgrade helps you save money on energy expenses, especially during summer and winter.

Childproof Locks

A door is an easy thing for a child to open; it's dangerous for a curious kid. Although it would appear that a typical door lock is adequate to keep it closed, a smart child can simply learn to unlock a latch and get out of the door.

Whether it's a shower glass door or a door leading to any other area of the house, you can choose any lock that'd be hard for even a smart kid to open up. Locks are available in a variety of options. It's better to make windows and glass doors more challenging to open, preventing kids from doing it on their own.

Sliding framed glass doors

Sliding Glass Doors

Custom sliding glass doors can be secured in a variety of ways. Simple locks for sliding doors that flip open attach to the glass with a sticky strip. The flip lock prevents opening the door when its arm is raised. When you move the arm downward, the door will easily flip open.

This kind of protection should be mounted 10 to 15 inches above the sliding door latch. As a result, kids won't be able to jump up and unlock it by themselves. Your children deserve a safe home to live in, and you'll need great planning and monitoring to achieve that.

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