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Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat with These Tips

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Nothing beats getting home to unwind after a long day of errands—especially when your unwinding ritual includes relaxing in the tub with a pleasant drink, candlelight, and spa-inspired music playing gently in the background.

Do you want to get that calm, even if your bathroom is small or uninspiring? The trick is to understand exactly what you need to add or subtract to obtain the desired spa-like ambiance.

Whether you want your bathroom to become your personal sanctuary or make a few tweaks to make it seem more pleasant, these tips from interior designers will have your place spruced up for your next spa day.

Declutter Your Space

Remove any item that you don’t use daily. You can store it in a nice basket, a custom mirror that doubles as a medicine cabinet, or simply underneath your sink. Maintaining a soothing ambiance can be as simple as keeping your bathroom supplies (necessary makeup, toiletries, hair products, etc.) at hand and all the other things stored somewhere else.

 A woman lying in a bathtub

Add Cute Pieces of Décor

Decorate your space in the style of a spa where you feel entirely calm and stress-free, or picture yourself feeling that way. This may be on a gorgeous white beach next to a tranquil, turquoise sea or in a hammock in the center of a colorful English country yard. Integrate features from your dream destination into your home spas décor.

Get a custom mirror or etched glass shower door to add elegance to your spa space. Pick colors that go with your theme, but keep in mind that neutrals like creams and beiges and natural colors like blue, green, and browns are the most relaxing. Bright colors should be reserved for modest items in the room.

Use Natural Light

The key to achieving spa-like serenity is embracing the best aspects of nature, including natural daylight. Include exposed or floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, or glass shower doors so that sunlight can come in directly to your spa. The more natural light that enters your spa, the more spacious and welcoming it will feel.

Change the Fixtures

Add bathroom fittings with spa-like elements to make your spa feel comfortable. If you want to create the impression of being in the rain, it’s recommended to use a shower with multiple heads. If you want the feeling of being in a sauna, then you can opt for a steam shower.

Digital interface showers let you tailor your shower experience by adjusting the temperature, spray pressure, and water distribution direction. Try a Jacuzzi, which uses air jets to massage your body, or a hydrotherapy bath, which uses precisely designed cycles of air-jet patterns to massage all sections of your body in succession.

Material Options

Natural materials are luxurious, and you may use them in your home spa in various ways. Custom cabinets and floors should be made of maple, glass, or birch. Consider using glass shower doors or marble tiles for the bathroom interior.

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