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How To Clean & Care For A Glass Shower Door?

clean and care for glass shower door

A clean and well-maintained bathroom not only appears good but is also hygienic and extremely important for your health. When cleaning your bathroom, your glass shower door is a feature in the room that you cannot ignore. In fact, dirty glass shower doors and glass walls are enough to make your entire bathroom appear dirty and gross. To ensure your bathroom is clean and healthy, you have to take care of your glass shower door.

Unfortunately, just like most bathroom fixtures, your shower door is also always exposed to moisture and soapy grime, which, if not cleaned on time, can accumulate and ruin the glass door's sparkle forever. Most people don't understand the importance of taking care of their shower door and believe wiping a wet sponge or cloth over the door every now and then is enough.

Well, let us break it to you: it is not enough - and in some cases, it might be doing more bad than good to your glass shower door. Glass shower doors and be a little more high maintenance which is why we decided to share with you these tips to help you clean and care for glass shower door!

4 Tips to Clean and Care for Glass Shower Door

Make a Cleaning Schedule

Your glass shower door needs regular maintenance; ignoring for a few weeks and cleaning it only once in a while is going to make it age faster. Make sure to keep a squeegee in your shower and clean with it DAILY after you are done taking a shower. Then, make sure to wipe down the entire thing using a foam pad or sponge at least weekly - and give it a proper deep clean every month.

Use Household Ingredients

Instead of using chemically loaded, random detergents and cleaning agents, the best trick to keep your glass shower door sparkly is to use household ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen. The two most popular ingredients we recommend to everyone are lime juice and vinegar. Both are acidic in nature and perfect for cleaning when diluted with small amounts of distilled water but mild enough not to affect the shine and freshness of your new glass door.

Apply a Hydrophobic Compound

Stubborn water stains are your glass door's worst enemies - they require regular cleaning and can be tough to remove sometimes. Even though vinegar, lemons, and other glass cleaning agents can be used to water stains, an intelligent way to completely avoid this problem would be to use a hydrophobic compound. After cleaning the glass, apply this compound on top of the glass so it doesn't let water stick to the glass, resulting in a clean glass door with no water stains.

Don't Forget the Tracks

If you have a sliding glass shower door, then you must know how dirty shower door tracks can get over time. They attract dirt, grime, and soap scum and, if not maintained properly, they can look super dirty after a while. Hence, along with cleaning the glass, take care of the door tracks by plugging the hole, scrubbing the track, filling the tracks with vinegar, and occasionally wiping the track with a clean microfiber cloth.

Take Care of Your Glass Shower Door

Your glass shower door requires as much attention and care as any other part of your bathroom. In fact, it might be more high maintenance than other items present in the room. A clean shower door is vital for the bathroom's aesthetic and your health and hygiene. But most importantly, taking proper care of your glass shower door makes it more long-lasting and makes your investment worth it!

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