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Home Articles The Different Types of Glass Shower Doors to Know

The Different Types of Glass Shower Doors to Know

Types of glass shower doors

Your bathroom's layout and design really speaks about your style. A well-maintained, clean, and well-designed bathroom is enough to represent your personal taste and really adds to your house's overall aesthetic. When it comes to bathroom styling and remodeling, shower doors cannot be neglected. In fact, shower doors are a significant part of your bathroom design.

Your shower door is a feature that can easily change your bathroom's overall look, and not only that, but it can also impact your experience in your shower. To ensure you have a good relaxing time in your shower - and your bathroom looks stylish simultaneously, you need to be very careful when choosing your glass shower door. And for that, you must know the different types of glass shower doors available.

So what are we waiting for? Here is a list of different types of glass shower doors you can choose from.

Types of Glass Shower Doors

Clear Glass Shower Door

The classic clear glass shower door is one of the most common types of shower doors we see in most residential buildings and hotels. These doors are transparent but often have a slight greenish tint, giving your bathroom a timeless and simple look. If you don't want to be too experimentative with your shower door, then this is the right choice for you.

Opaque and Frosted Glass Shower Door

A complete opposite of clear shower doors, these doors are textured and give out the look of frosted glass. The purpose of these shower doors is to prevent light from clearing and passing in your shower to give you a dim-lit, relaxing feel. These doors are perfect for large bathrooms as they make them appear cozier, and since they are not completely see-through, they also help you feel more comfortable in your own space.

Tinted Glass Shower Door

Tinted glass shower doors are not as common as the ones mentioned above - but they are an excellent choice if you are looking to add a contemporary and unique touch to your bathroom. The best way to add a tinted glass shower door is to subtly match it with your bathroom's overall d├ęcor and see how your bathroom instantly looks more stylish!

Frameless Glass Shower Door

Framed shower doors have been around for decades now but framed shower doors are the newest trend. If you are into minimal styles and want an aesthetic bathroom look, then a frameless glass shower door should be your pick. These glass doors are considered more aesthetically pleasing because they allow you to showcase your tilework and fancy shower heads from the other side of the bathroom. However, a frameless glass shower door makes your bathroom appear bigger and more open, which means it's perfect if you have a small apartment bathroom.

Invest in Your Glass Shower Door

Choosing the right glass shower door can be a tough choice but it is one that you need to be very careful about. If you are still confused about which one you should get for your bathroom, then don't be worried. Check out Shower Doors Of Dallas and contact them for a free consultation to help you out!

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