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Top-Trending Frameless Glass Shower Doors to Update Your Bathroom in 2022

Glass shower door

Updating your bathroom may be the breath of fresh air your Dallas home needs. Shower doors play a crucial role in how functional and aesthetically appealing a bathroom is. Glass shower doors offer many benefits, including making cleaning easier and increasing the home's value.

Whether you're planning to replace your old shower door or get rid of musty curtains by installing a new custom shower door, you'll come across several choices that may make selecting the perfect one for your shower enclosure more challenging.

In this guide, glass shower door specialists at Shower Doors Of Dallas have broken down the ins and outs of different frameless shower door types and the factors you should consider when choosing the ones that make your dreams of owning a luxurious shower a reality.

Why Choose Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

From the seamless integration to the beautiful aesthetic and easy maintenance, there are many reasons homeowners in Dallas are increasingly opting for frameless glass shower doors.These doors comprise tempered glass panels rather than relying on metal frames that are prone to corrosion or rust.

Frameless shower doors provide a chic and neat look that's trending on Instagram these days. Whether it's the wide range of motion, endless design options, increased durability, or ease of maintenance, there are many reasons homeowners are happy with their choice of installing frameless glass shower doors in their bathrooms.

Our shower doors are made using high-quality glass that's available in many styles, including custom etched glass, clear glass, tinted, and privacy glass. They're not only aesthetic but also add functionality to outdated bathrooms. Our glass specialists have compiled a list of top-trending frameless glass doors you can consider installing in your Dallas home.

Frameless glass sliding door

Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Doors

Your shower area can feature a set of double doors or a single swinging door, depending on many factors, such as your personal preference and the design and size of your enclosure. However, these doors require clearance to ensure they can swing open without impeding access to fixtures and cabinets or hitting anything whenever opened.

If you're looking for a space-saving option that looks fantastic, frameless sliding doors are great. They're a practical option because they don't require extra swinging space. They consist of sliding glass panels that are carefully secured to the shower enclosure. These panels roll on manual or mechanical tracks to allow the door to slide when you try to open or close it.

Frameless Tub Glass Shower Doors

Don't have a standing shower? No worries! You can still enjoy the perks of frameless glass shower doors by getting them installed on your bathtubs. These doors offer a creative way to upgrade the musty or out-of-fashion shower curtains into gorgeous glass doors that easily connect to the bathtub.

Frameless glass shower doors are available in various sizes, including sliding and hinged options for half and full-sized doors. They're easy to clean and maintain and relatively less expensive than full-sized framed shower doors. Besides increasing the curb appeal, these shower doors combine the practicality of the classic tub/shower combination with the clean look of frameless shower doors.

bathtub with a custom glass door

Now that you know everything you need to consider before investing in frameless glass shower doors, Shower Doors of Dallas can help you turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

We offer a wide range of custom sliding shower doors, along with framed shower enclosures, custom shower glass installation services, and custom mirror installation services in several areas of Texas.

Our customization process is simple, but partnering with us means the sky is truly the limit. From the size, shape, and color to the finish, type, material, and other features, we can help you fully tailor showers to your taste. Our glass specialists meticulously craft all the products with the highest quality materials.

Browse through our portfolio or request a free consultation for our custom exterior or interior glass solutions.

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