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4 Maintenance Tips for Glass Cabinets and Tabletops

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Adding glass features to your furnishings and interior design can make the space look luxurious and elegant. However, dust, scratches, and smudges easily accumulate on glass surfaces, stripping away their natural shine and beauty.

If you have glass interiors like shelves, cabinets, or tabletops, here are some maintenance tips to keep them in excellent condition.

Dust Religiously

When your glass tabletops and cabinets get too dusty, they lose their natural shine. Dusting them regularly is crucial for maintaining their appearance. The frequency will depend on the surroundings and other factors. For example, glass tabletops on a dining table will need regular dusting to ensure it is hygienic.

Other shelves that don’t get much dust, such as bathroom shelves and cabinets, will require weekly dusting. Doing this will keep your counters looking as good as new for a long time.

Use a Lint-Free Cloth

When it comes to glass cabinets and tabletops, the trickiest part is to maintain their luster and shine. Clothes containing lint leave annoying streaks on glass surfaces and strip away the gloss over time. On the other hand, microfiber cloths are absorbent and clean all glass surfaces without leaving any streaks.

When wiping glass cabinets with a microfiber cloth, dampen one side and use it to clean all dirt and smudges. Now use the dry part to buff the shelves and remove watermarks. You don’t necessarily need to use toxic and expensive glass cleaners. Simple water will do the job. For deep cleaning, you can make a classic white vinegar and water solution for a streak-free and clear finish.

Don’t Place Abrasive or Heavy Objectives on Glass Tabletops

While cleaning glass tabletops and shelves, you should also watch the things you place on them. Although these surfaces are made from tempered glass to prevent breakage, placing abrasive or heavy objects can damage the surface. They leave scratches on them that can be hard to get rid of.

Moreover, such objects also look unattractive over intricate glass surfaces. Place things strategically instead of overstuffing glass cabinets for a pleasant display and better maintenance.

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Choose a Reliable Glass Company

If you feel that your glass interior sustains damage despite extra care and maintenance, it could be because you’re not using a good-quality glass product. It’s essential to hire reliable glass professionals like Shower Doors Of Dallas to get premium quality, low-maintenance glass products.

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