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Glass Décor Ideas for Bedroom Interiors

Bedroom décor details

Nothing comes close to the splendor that glass offers in interior décor. Its structural and aesthetic features make it one-of-a-kind material for home décor. Your bedroom décor can also use some glam.

We have curated this guide to outline ways to incorporate glass into your bedroom décor. After all, it’s your sanctuary!

Mirror Wardrobe Door

This isn’t a new concept. People have been using mirrors to accentuate their wardrobe doors for decades. You can get glass panes attached to your wardrobe doors. Or, replace the doors with a single sliding door and install the glass for added flair. If you have the budget, you can add frames to glass panes for additional visual impact.

Privacy screen

Open floor plans have become popular among homeowners and contemporary designers. People have also started to adopt this floor plan style in their bedrooms. For instance, if your bedroom is large enough to have room for separate activities, you can partition it using a glass or mirror screen.

This way, you get to have a separate workstation, exercise, and sleeping area in your bedroom. It assures privacy. You can choose mirrors or opaque glass, depending on your preference. If your room lacks natural light, a mirror screen is the right option because it reflects artificial light to brighten up the space.

Seamless Transition Using Glass

If you have an open floor plan, you’ll want to partition the bedroom and bathroom. A glass door is a trending solution to this problem. Designers use privacy, textured, or dark tinted glass to demarcate a line between the bathroom and bedroom.

Alternatively, you can incorporate glass within the existing walls. For instance, a half-glass wall can hide the bottom of your bathroom while letting the light flow from the top half.

Custom Mirrors

If you don’t have the budget for major changes, you can still spruce up your personal space with minimal glass embellishment. For instance, mirrors can be a beautiful addition to your personal sanctuary. They’re also a better alternative to the lack of natural light. You can mirror an entire wall or choose to hang mirrors of various sizes and shapes.

Find framed glass, frameless glass, floating and standoff mirrors at our store, or reach out to us for custom mirror installation services.

Glass Table Top for Work Desk

If you have a study table or work desk in the room, you can elevate its beauty by switching to a glass table top. A golden or tea-pink tinted table top can complement your all-white bedroom. It’ll be the focal point in your bedroom without overwhelming the eyes.

Colored Glass For Windows

Accentuate your bedroom window with colored glass. You can find various types of colors and choose one that complements your bedroom interior. You can opt for stained glass if the colored glass is too much. Both are used for decorative purposes and can elevate any living space.

Bedroom wardrobe with mirror doors

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