Custom Steam Shower Enclosures and Doors

Recent Installations

Steam showers offer a luxurious bathing experience and are becoming increasingly popular in master baths. If you are considering a steam shower for your home, know that they have special requirements with regard to doors and enclosures.

To retain the steam generated by your steam shower system, the walls, glass doors, and glass enclosure should extend from floor to ceiling and create a virtually sealed space or "envelope." The enclosure should also include an adjustable transom to allow excess steam to escape and fresh air to flow into the space as needed.

The typical steam shower system is made for spaces with an eight-foot ceiling. If you have higher or vaulted ceilings in your bathroom, you may require a more robust steam generation system. Or your enclosure may need to have its own glass ceiling.

Shower Doors of Dallas creates custom steam shower enclosures of all styles, from simple full-length glass doors with transoms to multi-angled enclosures that accommodate half-walls, benches, and other architectural features. 

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