Design Options

We offer a variety of glass, hardware, and finish options to complement your bathroom's architectural style and décor. The most popular options are shown below. Refer to these when requesting an estimate online or by phone. You will have the opportunity to review a fuller range of options before ordering, at which time you may change or confirm your initial selections.



The mounting hardware and weight of glass they can support allow three basic types of shower doors and enclosures: Frameless, Semi-Frameless, and Framed. Here's an explanation of each.



Popular with designers and architects, frameless enclosures achieve an open, "floating" look by combining heavy ⅜-inch to ½-inch thick glass with special low-profile hardware. Handles are installed into the glass to emphasize the minimal look.



Designed with 1/4-inch clear glass or 3/16-inch pattern glass, the semi-frameless style combines frameless and framed features. Key support points like the door hinge or adjoining glass panels may be framed, leaving door edges frameless.



Fully-framed enclosures are made with lighter-weight, 3/16-inch glass supported on all sides with structural framing, to which hinges and hardware are attached. The handle is generally a small, paddle-like fixture mounted to one edge of the metal frame.




You have a number of options when choosing the style of tempered glass for your shower enclosure. In most cases, it’s a good idea to keep things simple.

Untextured clear and satin etched glass (for those desiring more privacy) are the most popular, and both adapt easily to changes in your bathroom decor. Low-iron, Starfire® glass contains 1/10th of the iron in standard glass, giving it an ultra-clear look without the greenish tinge.

For those seeking a glass choice that will look new for a lifetime, we recommend permanently sealed ShowerGuard glass. Read more about this low-maintenance option as well as other sealing options here.


Glass thickness depends on the type of enclosure you choose. Frameless styles can support heavier glass. Click the image below to enlarge.


Need more options?

Other specialty and pattern glass options may be available depending on your shower type. Just ask!





We offer contemporary, modern, and traditional mounting hardware styles to complement any glass shower design.

Square-edge (top row) and beveled-edge (bottom row) hinges and mounts are the most popular styles of hardware for contemporary bathrooms. 

Many more styles are available, as we carry the full range of premium and luxury shower hardware lines from C.R. Laurence and Portals.



Finishes should be selected with your shower, bath, and basin hardware in mind, as well as the color and pattern of any tile or stonework. The finishes shown here represent those available in at least one of the many shower hardware types available. Keep in mind that your color choices will vary depending on the door or enclosure type selected as well as the brand and style of hardware chosen.